Do Not Wait

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I’m sure you all heard this advice multiple times as a child from either a parent or grandparent: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Usually when a child hears this, they respond with an eye roll or an annoyed yawn because they think they will live forever. But as we get older, we gain an appreciation and a better understanding of what they were trying to tell us.

Recently, I had an unfortunate reminder of why we should not procrastinate. Sandra Evans, one of our agents in Arkansas, passed away after a battle with cancer. Some people facing Sandra’s illness would have thrown their hands up and live out the rest of their days with a gloomy disposition—but not Sandra. She was talking to cancer survivors and other people with cancer and encouraging them. She was writing and collecting insurance premiums up until the time of her death. How many people do you think she helped? How many families will have what they need at the time of their loved one’s death, because she was willing to push through and soldier on?


We have an important job to do—service as many people as we can by selling and collecting their insurance premiums. It is a service to our communities, our friends and our loved ones. It’s not all about making money—although you will be handsomely rewarded for it. The money is just the byproduct from helping people.


Ask yourself, “Have I done my part?” Have you talked to as many people as you can about their insurance needs? Have you followed back up with customers on paying their insurance premiums, even though they didn’t pay you the first time?


None of us are promised tomorrow. Despite whatever problems you might be facing, put them aside and do your part as an insurance agent to help your friends, family, and neighbors with their insurance needs. Go ahead and start! Face what needs to be done today!


Written by Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson

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